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We Want Your Part Exchange!

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Free Part Exchange Valuation

The online part exchange valuation is provided as a free service to you - our prospective customer. Due to recent significant increases in the cost of this service to us from our service provider it is now necessary for us to request a legitimate mobile number from you prior to providing you with your valuation. Once you have provided us with your details and your car registration and mileage, we will send a code to your mobile via SMS which will allow you to retrieve your online valuation. We will also email this valuation to you for your records.

We not only request your contact details for verification purposes but also so we can talk to you about your car and the guide valuation in detail. This conversation may result in a firmer offer making it more cost effective for you to buy your selected car from us.

To value your car find one of our cars you're interested in and then request a part exchange valuation from the car details page. Click here to search our stock.

We Want Your Part Exchange!

Here at Imperial we understand the value of your part exchange and how this contributes to the final ‘cost of change’ when considering purchasing a new vehicle. The ‘cost of change’ is the real cost to you of buying a new car - the difference between the retail price of our car and the trade value of your car, rather than solely basing your decision on your part exchange valuation.

We are open and transparent by offering you a really competitively priced car whilst providing a top trade valuation for your car.

How We Determine the Value of Your Part Exchange

More importantly how can you be sure you’re getting the top trade valuation for your part exchange?

We use the industry standard CAP (Current Auction Pricing) tool to provide you with 3 trade valuations based on the following CAP standards:

  • CAP Clean – Showroom Condition
  • CAP Average – Good Condition
  • CAP Below – Poor Condition

Who is CAP?

Every month CAP collects millions of pieces of data about thousands of new and used cars in the UK. They talk to motorists, manufacturers, car dealers, and a huge range of car experts. They’ve been doing this for over 30 years. Dealers, car manufacturers, insurers, lenders, car hire firms rely on the accuracy and independence of their car valuations. Now we are sharing their expertise with you and by using our free part exchange valuation tool you can get an accurate & reliable part exchange valuation.

Why Should I Buy a Car from Imperial Cars?

To help you make your decision to purchase we like to break down the car buying process into three easy steps, providing you with all the information online meaning you only have to contact us once and that is to book an appointment:

  1. Search our stock utilising the many available search filters to quickly identify your ideal car. Click through to the car details page, view the 40+ high resolution images, full specification and all of the documentation relating to the car you have chosen.
  2. If your satisfied that this is the car for you it’s time to work out the true cost to you, what it’s going to cost you in pounds, shillings and pence! From within the car details page you can now request a valuation for your part exchange. We request some details from you before presenting your part exchange valuation on screen. The difference between the price of our car and what we will pay you for your part exchange is your ‘cost of change’. This is what is important to you - many used car retailers will artificially inflate the price of their car allowing them to offer you more for your part exchange. The price of their car may be £1,000 more than ours allowing them to offer you £500 more for your part exchange. You might think this is great as you have got more money for your car but in this instance the 'cost of change' to you is in fact £500 more than buying our car. Please bear this in mind when making comparisons online.  
  3. You should now be confident that you have everything you need to make the decision to buy your selected car. The final step is to book an appointment, either online or via the phone, to view the car.

Once you arrive on site and you’ve had the opportunity to verify the validity of all the information we provided you with online you’ll just need to sign on the dotted line to drive away in your new car the same day. It really is that simple!

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If you prefer to speak to us about the potential value of your car, please call and arrange a visit to one of our car showrooms.

How do we determine the value of your part exchange?

More importantly how can you be sure you’re getting the top trade valuation for your part exchange?

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