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Vauxhall have been keeping the British public motoring for many years. Being one of the most popular cars on our roads, we keep many used Vauxhalls in stock. Whether you're looking for an Astra or an Antara, we're happy to help you find a good quality used Vauxhall to get you home.

Should I buy a used Vauxhall?

Millions of other buyers can't be wrong! Vauxhall engines are economical, the cars are well built and they're designed to put up with the stresses of every day life. Our used Vauxhalls don't come with lollipop sticks down the side of the seats and Haribo wrappers in every cubbyhole... You can add those details yourself.

Which Vauxhall should I choose?

We always have used Astra, Corsa and Insignia models at our Hampshire, Southampton and Midlands branches. We often have the larger Insignia and Zafira models, as well as the rest of the range. We have a Vauxhall for every size of family, driveway and wallet, so pop along to your local Imperial Car Supermarket to find the one that's right for you.

Vauxhall Stock Summary

Model Number in stock Price Range
Astra 24 £5k - £15k


Astra GTC 2 £6k - £9k


Corsa 21 £4k - £11k


Corsa Limited Edition 1 £4k - £5k


Gtc 2 £8k - £13k


Insignia 21 £7k - £13k


We currently have 71 used Vauxhall Cars