Have you considered a Priority Service Plan?

What the Service Plan covers

Having your car serviced is central to supporting reliability, saftey, economy and any warranty against the vehicle. The good news is, by opting for a Service Plan you will have paid for the service required before your vehicle visits one of our Service Centres. Your Service Plan covers all of your vehicle servicing needs,

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  • Free MOT Tests
  • Prioritised booking times
  • Loan cars available
  • Collect & deliver service
  • Fixed price servicing for 3 years
  • Spread the cost of your servicing
  • Help maintain vehicle value
£9.99 *
PER MONTH (UP TO 1600cc)

Welcome to Imperial Cars. We have 14 service centres across the UK located in Bristol, Cardiff, Chertsey, Exeter, Grangemouth, Halesowen, Ipswich, Mountsorrel, Newport Pagnell, Northampton, Portsmouth, Southampton, Tamworth, Wembley.

All are trustworthy and professional garages that have highly-trained Technicians to do the job.

It is really simple: your monthly Direct Debit covers the cost of all routine service work - and any additional benefits included - for the service intervals shown on your documentation. By maintaining your payments, you will have enough money in your account ready to pay for the work rquired when your service is due.

The possible exception to this is if you cover a greater milage than originally estimated when your plan was created which would mean that your service was due ahead of your payment schedule. Whilst this means that you would need to “top up” your payment, you could also arrange to reschedule your Direct Debit to accommodate your higher mileage.

Priority Service Plan - features & benefits

A 3 Year Service Plan consists of 1 Major, 1 Full & 1 Interim Service + free MOT Tests!

Inflation Proof Servicing - even if the parts or labour prices rise, your payments won’t.

No “Service Cost Shocks” - as you return to the Service Centre to collect your car, you know that the bill is already settled. It’s a good feeling!

Warranty Servicing Conditions Maintained - regular servicing in line with your Service Plan will ensure that your warranty remains valid.

Maintained Fuel Economy - a properly serviced vehicle will run more efficiently. You can drive mile after mile knowing that your vehicle is in the best codition for saving fuel.

Safety Secured - by having your vehicle serviced regularly, you can rest assured that trained technicians will check all key safety areas.

Increased Resale Value - a full service history is a significant asset to boost the trade in/resale value of your vehicle.

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