Customer Feedback

Your feedback is vital for us - we really want to hear about the Imperial Car Supermarkets experience from our customers. Independent reviews are so important to us and we rely on speicalist car dealership reviews form the “Judge Service and we of course depend on customer feedback from places such as Google+ and the social networks (Facebook & Twitter in particular).

What is JudgeService?

JudgeService is a customer satisfaction service designed to help car dealers and car servicing specialists improve customer satisfaction by generating testimonials and reviews. With Judgeservice, the Imperial Car Supermarket satisfied customers can share their testimonials. JudgeService also allows unhappy customers to provide feedback by passing on any customer complaints in real time allowing us to address any issues immediately and improve our customer relationships.

Your Feedback Is Very Important To Us

We are keen to obtain customer feedback from any online source. Google+ is one of the best places to leave a review or testimonial. 

Mini Coupe

So pleased with my lovely new car. The service was second to none. All the guy's were very easy to deal with, not pushy, very informative and a...

SOCIAL MEDIA - Come & Join us

Imperial Car Supermarkets is active on social media - you can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube…