Fair price

“Admin side of the company cannot be faulted - fast and efficient.

The sales team on the 27/12/15 came over slightly pushy and persistent in attempting to sell a car immediately, not allowing a cooling off period. The manager stated some inaccurate information such as; the deal needing to be completed today in order to get the part exchange value granted today, as the general manager would not be in the following day. I came in the following day to see that the general manager was in fact in. I was also given false information regarding insurance, being told that my car insurance would be cheaper on the A3 being purchased as opposed to my previous Volkswagen Polo, as it was deemed to be a " boy racer car". The part exchange value of the car also significantly changed from one day to the next, with an adverse variance of £1800!

Nevertheless, the general manager Gary came over and resolved all disputes, making a deal able to be concluded too.

Unfortunately, I received little correspondence from Dave who actually sold me the car, and did not really receive updates on my car - I was having to come in to get these, ( from a number of other members of staff, not Dave).”

Audi A3
Ryan M
Imperial Car Supermarkets Northampton
Rated 3/5
January 2016

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