Not pushy yet efficient

“We have just bought our new car and are very happy with the experience we had.

Sam did a good job of establishing what we were looking for and giving us options. Whilst we didn't go for his initial options we found another car, above our budget (£4,500 more than we planned), that we test drove with Sam. He wasn't pushy at all, although was clearly motivated to make a sale. He struck the right balance because we have walked off many a forecourt without wanting to buy because the salesman was too pushy and desperate.

Sam was knowledgable and didn't act like he wanted to rush us through the process for a quick deal. The patience helped make it a relaxed experience, even with a 4 year old!

Richard was also helpful and welcoming. We are now really hoping the after sale care doesn't let the business down as it's been great so far.”

Audi A4
Sarah D
Imperial Car Supermarkets Fleet
Rated 4/5
July 2015

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