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Imperial Car Supermarkets Finance Charter

As part of our continuing commitment to you, our customer, and in response to changes in legislation relating to the sale of financial products (Consumer Credit Directive) Imperial Car Supermarkets has drafted this customer finance charter to ensure you know what to expect when purchasing a vehicle via a finance agreement.

Prior to handing over your vehicle we will now provide you with the following:

Pre-Contract Credit Information (PCCI):  This document must be given to you in good time before you sign your credit agreement.  The PCCI is also to be made available any time after acceptance and a copy is produced every time the document pack is printed.

Pre-Contractual Explanation (PCE):  We must now read aloud the sections of the PCE which are highlighted in bold before you sign your credit agreement. You must also be given the opportunity to read the PCE document and ask questions. We must give you a copy of this document.

We also need to make sure that you are aware of what repayments you need to make once a finance agreement has been taken, confirm whether you can pay them and whether you think your circumstances might change which could affect you making the repayments.  It’s this part of the process where we need to make sure you have a full breakdown of what it is you need to repay.

This is great news for you the consumer.  Imperial Car Supermarkets, as a responsible supplier of used vehicles, is fully compliant with the Consumer Credit Directive. To ensure we fulfil our obligation to you we have published a Regulatory Requirement Sheet (RRS) as part of our new CCD process which allows you and our Handover Managers to check off that all key actions have been completed before you sign the finance agreement. This RRS also covers warranty and insurance products and serves to ensure that you leave us with all the required documentation and a full understanding of the finance, warranty and insurance products you have purchased.

You will be provided with an RRS when you visit us to purchase a vehicle.

Mike Bell

Managing Director.

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