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The Google self-driving car

That’s correct, it drives itself!

Google’s self-driving car project has been running for a few years now. There was originally videos of the Google Prius were posted on the web and it was also featured in the film Internship… Which was funnily enough at Google!

This here is the prototype – cute isn’t it? Looks like something from a child’s TV programme and should have a name like Bertie... Just look at its little face! Apparently cute was the plan though, so not to put people off 

Google plan to make around 100 of these initial prototypes and tests will be conducted later this year in California. With a limited top speed of a whizzy 25MPH – watch out California!

Inside is pretty minimal, two seats, some storage space, a couple of buttons to start and stop and a screen that shows you the route and NO steering wheel!

All the driving is done by software and sensors mounted around the car. They work out when to stop and go, detect objects up to a distance of ‘two football fields’ away (must be American football fields) in all directions and removes blind spots!

Google intend to revolutionise the transport industry with this technology. To allow the elderly their freedom, to shoulder the burden of driving (for those that find it laborious) and to stop drink driving. But where will that leave the Taxi driver?

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