Imperial Car Supermarkets – In Top 5 of UK’s Influential Car Dealers

Imperial Car Supermarkets are absolutely thrilled that we are in the top 5 of CarDealer Magazine’s exclusive ‘Influential Car Dealer Poll’.  This is the second year that CarDealer magazine have put together a list of the UK’s most influential car dealers on the social media platform Twitter. The list was compiled using information from the UK’s car dealerships’ Klout* scores, and with an impressive score of 62 Imperial Cars Supermarkets sit in the top of the chart.

Marketing Communications Controller Lauren at Imperial Car Supermarkets, says:

"I think Twitter is a brilliant platform to communicate with existing and potential customers. Our aim is to connect with people on their level, we all have a ‘virtual us’ and sometimes that’s the best way to start engaging with people, where they feel most at ease.

We aim 
to build relationships, provide an informative service that is of use to all motorists and best of all  have a few giggles along the way - we are all humans after all! Our tweets encompass a number of different elements and themes. We provide honest feedback from our customers, trustworthy reviews and articles on leading car brands and news. ‘Whats Hot’ in the car world, stock updates, helpful tips and advice and more.

want to provide content people are interested in, we're not here to sell, we're here to create awareness and gather a following because we can provide the content people want to see. That’s why we are absolutely thrilled to see that we made number 5 in the Top 100 most influential, as this shows our tweets work, and we have your interest!"

Below: The Top 5 in CarDealer Magazine's 100 Most Influential Twitter using Car Dealers:

                                              Click the image to find us on Twitter

*Klout is a website and app recognised as a significant determinant of social influence online. Metrics such as how many followers a company has and the number of retweets they achieve, plus the number of influential people who both follow and retweet them are measured to create the Klout score which ranges from 1 - 100.

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