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Best-selling cars in February

Best-selling cars in February

Every month the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) releases how many cars were registered. February 2020 saw fewer new cars sold compared to the same month last year, and with that came a slightly different picture of Britain’s best-selling cars. So different in fact the perennial number one – the Ford Fiesta – lost its crown. 

Here’s the top five best-sellers from last month.

5. Mercedes-Benz A-Class – 1,648 registrations

In February’s figures, the A-Class is the only premium offering and it’s clear the BMW 1 Series rival is proving popular one year after its launch. Private and fleet buyers are lapping up the A-Class’s powerful blend of classy looks, a tech-laden interior and prestigious image. A good range of engines - from fuel-sipping diesels to powerful petrols - is also helping too. 

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4. Vauxhall Corsa – 1,871 registrations

The new Corsa has been on sale for a few months now, and thanks to some great special offers it made its mark in February. It’s a household name here in the UK and has been a regular in the best-sellers list since it first launched in the nineties. But this new car will have its work cut-out – fourth place is good but some way off how the previous Corsa performed.  

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3. Ford Focus – 2,764 registrations

Always in the best-sellers list, the Focus has been a firm favourite amongst families and fleets since it arrived in 1998. The latest car has been around for a while and takes its usual place just behind its smaller sister, the Fiesta. A wide range of models from fleet-friendly diesels, load-lugging estates and powerful hot hatches bolster the Focus’s fortunes. 

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2. Ford Fiesta – 3,123 registrations

This was the surprise in February – the Fiesta was knocked off its top-spot in the charts. The Fiesta normally resides in first place, month in, month out, and has missed out on the top prize by a couple of hundred registrations. It’s still the year-to-date best-seller, though.

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1. Volkswagen Golf – 3,457 registrations

That’s right, the Volkswagen Golf has taken the top-spot away from the all-conquering Ford Fiesta in February. Though an all-new eighth-generation Golf has arrived, it’s likely that last-dash sales of the previous generation car have boosted numbers. It’ll be interesting to see what the take up of the new car will be in the months to come.

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