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Artificial intelligence could stop you falling asleep at the wheel

DRIVING while tired could be a thing of the past, thanks to new technology.

Artificial intelligence could be used in cars of the future to alert drivers who find themselves suffering from fatigue while driving, distracted by their mobile phone, or even nodding off.

The new technology, jointly developed by Spanish car maker Seat and Eyesight Technologies, can monitor the driver’s behaviour by analysing their angle of vision, blink rate, head position and how open their eyes are. Using this data, the system will then determine if the driver is asleep or distracted. 

It’s not just safety that can be improved by the new technology but convenience as well. The clever tech can also remember a previous driver’s seating position, heating and comfort settings purely by identifying the person.

Stefan Ilijevic, Seat head of product innovation, said: ‘In total, more than 90 per cent of the road accidents in Europe are caused by human factor. The main reasons include distraction and tiredness, excessive speed, and alcohol and drugs.

‘We are working on solutions to prevent negligence behind the steering wheel and significantly reduce road accidents.

‘We partner with some of the world’s brightest companies on important technology to save lives, since our long-term vision is a world with zero accidents.’

Other technologies the brand is working on include systems that can darken a car’s windows in bright light to prevent dazzling, or brightening the windows in dim conditions.

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