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10 Car Hacks

Do you ever feel like you aren’t using your car to its full potential?
We have come up with 10 car hacks to help you with everything from keeping your takeaways warm to cleaning your car.

Check out the video below!

1. Phone Holder
Take a rubber band and loop it through your car vent. You can use a pen lid to help you do this.
Put your phone through the loops of the elastic band.
This should hold up your phone and allow you to use it on the go.

2. Vent cleaner
Use a foam paintbrush to get into the smaller parts of the vent.

3. Bottle Opener
Use the seatbelt buckle to pop open bottle caps.

4. Mess-Free Cupholders
Place cupcake cases at the bottom of your cupholders to make it easier to clean out crumbs.

5. Rubbish Bin
Use an empty container to put your rubbish in.
Place the container in the passenger footwell. 

6. Car Key Hack
When you are too far away to unlock your car, put the car fob to your head and you will be able to unlock your car at a longer distance. 

7. Keep Takeaways Warm
Put the takeaway food on your passenger seat and turn on the heated seats.
This will keep your food warm for the journey home.

8. Tidy Car Boot
Get a washing up tub and place in bottle and containers that roll around your car boot.

9. Shopping Bag Hack
To save carrying your shopping bags in multiple trips or straining your back carrying them all at once, put a large box in your car boot.
Put all carrier bags in the boot to allow you to easily carry them in one trip to your house. 

10. Sick Bag
Find a clear plastic bag and label as the 'Sick Bag'.
Put in a paper sick-bag, Mints, Tissues and Paracetamol. 
Place the bag in your glove compartment in case of emergencies. 

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