London Motor Show 2019

With over 40,000 people attending this year’s London Motor and Tech Show it was a fantastic opportunity for Imperial Cars to engage with 1,000s of potential new customers and have them engage with our brand.

View the video below to get a real feel for the event.

With the assumption that every car at the Motor Show must be a luxurious super car, we displayed a range of cars to suit every lifestyle across a range of budgets which certainly drew the masses to our stands. On Saturday over 15,000 people attended the show and it seemed like most of them sat in our cars!. We were often mistaken as a supplier of new cars as the public couldn’t believe the condition & presentation of each of our vehicles, 2-3 year old vehicles that were in some cases available at half the original manufacturers retail price when new. 

Check our vehicle preparation page to see what our cars go through before they enter the showroom.

Such a fantastic weekend which sparked a great amount of interest especially being the main host of the Live Arena. It was amazing to meet so many members of the public who all share a passion for cars as we do.

We hope our Live Arena kept you entertained!

Thank you to the Imperial Team for making this event happen and thank you to everyone who attended, we appreciate your hard work & support! 

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