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Summer Driving Tips

We all like to take to the roads in summer. Whether it be to head to the seaside, a trip to the forest or just a drive with the roof down, the warmer weather just makes us want to hit the road!

We have prepared you some summer essentials to make sure your trip isn’t cut short!

Battery Power

Summer driving is likely to include use of additional auxiliary functions. Admit it, we all turn the stereo up that bit louder when the sun is out, iPod is plugged in with your favourite driving tracks or tunes for the summer, windows are open and the breeze is on your face. But it’s not only CD Players, portable DVD players that affect your cars battery, the air conditioning uses a lot of its power too! So when you’re sat in traffic on your way to the beach and you need the air conditioning to keep you cool the importance of having a strong car battery is clear.

Tyre Safety

Tyre pressures are very important at all times of the year. Not only is fuel efficiency affected by tyre pressure but road handling too. Hot tarmac and road surfaces can become treacherous, with or without a light mist of rain. So ensure your family and friends safety by checking your tyre pressures before you embark on your trip.


Known as Anti-Freeze in the winter, coolant by summer! Coolant will keep your car and engine happy when Mr Sun has his hat on. Ensure water and coolant mixes are correct to avoid any damage to your radiator and engine.

Speed watch

It’s sunny and the road ahead looks clear, do you find yourself stepping on the gas a little more than you should? Summer fever can strike in many ways, and speeding can be more likely on clear, dry days when caution is at a low due to a carefree attitude. So if you’re off to the airport, the farm, beach or festival, make sure you leave with plenty of time and allow for traffic. There’s nothing worse than being late but paying for it on your insurance for the next 4 years is far worse!  

Shady parking

Ever jumped in your car on a hot summer’s day and jumped straight back out again? I sure have! Leather seats – burnt bottom – OUCH! Dashboards and steering wheels are often dark and ultra-hot after sitting in the sun for an hour or two. Avoid the burn by parking in a shady spot, if that’s not possible purchase yourself a windscreen sun block or carry a spare blanket in the back. You’ll soon appreciate it when you jump in, can breathe, sit and touch the steering wheel straight away!

Emergency travel kit

Always be prepared! It’s worth keeping a care kit in your car when travelling long distances, water, coolant, oil and bulbs. Cars have a tendency to be unpredictable, so it’s always good to be prepared. Have a care kit for you too; those summer traffic jams can take a while to clear so make sure you have plenty of food and drink.

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