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Luke and Steve to the rescue!

It was just before Midday on Saturday, the day was hot and sunny, and Luke, one of our Car Sales Executives at the Southampton branch were about to take a couple out on a test drive. Luke was just heading off for the test drive with the gentleman when his wife came in upset and shaken; she had locked their baby in their car with the keys by accident.

The husband asked Luke if he was any good at opening doors. Luke responded, "why?" and the husband said that his wife had accidentally locked their baby in their car with the keys!

At this point, Luke went over to Service and got Steve. Steve tried to help by prying the door open; unfortunately the car was double locked so he couldn’t open the car from the inside or outside. Steve tried a couple of tools and still no luck.

At this point, the couple called their emergency breakdown company; they advised the couple to call the police who would have to smash the window to get the baby out.  As an alternative, Steve offered that instead of getting the police out, he could smash the window for them to get the baby out quicker. It was a hot day and the couple wanted to get the baby out as quick as possible.

Steve carefully centre punched the window to make it shatter and made sure it was the window furthest away from the baby for the baby’s safety. Luke jumped in through the window and retrieved the keys and rescued the baby.

The couple were very grateful for the help of the staff and were very happy! 

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