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A day in the life of a Car Sales Executive

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a Car Sales Executive? We interviewed Jimmy, one of our Car Sales Executive's at our Southampton branch. He has been working for Imperial since October 2017.

What does a typical day as a Car Sales Executive look like for you?

My day begins with condition checks, price checks, and checking the showroom is tidy. We are basically setting up for the day. We then undertake follow up calls and customer satisfaction index calls.

Customers normally start coming in at around 10am. We greet the customers and if they are looking for something specific such as a particular make and model, we direct them to the right place and show them the most appropriate vehicles. At the same time we will tell them a little bit about Imperial Cars.

Once they express an interest in a particular vehicle or need some more help, we sit down with them, provide them with a cup of coffee or tea, and then find out a little about them. We try and determine exactly what they are looking for, what they’re budget is and ask if they’re looking to part exchange their current car. We just need to make sure that we are advising the customer correctly and ensuring that we are presenting them with a car that suits their needs.

Once they have decided on a car we then give them the opportunity to test drive the car before we go any further as it’s important they know that it’s the right car for them. If the customer loves the car they’ve test driven and want to buy the car we’ll then appraise their current car if they’re looking to part exchange it, and raise an order form for the customer to secure the car.

They then  have the option to complete all of the relevant paperwork with one our Business Managers and drive away in their new car the same day or book in to collect their new car in a couple of days.

What is your favourite thing about your job?

The team I work with. We have a lot of fun and there is also a lot of support, but at the end of the day we all get the job done.  If I have a day off and my customer comes in, I know the team will look after them and maintain the high level of customer service that Imperial aims to deliver.

What is the company culture like here?

It’s great working here. Everyone works hard but we also have fun and everyone is so supportive.

When I started here, I went through a week of intensive training. Everyone goes through the same training but you also receive coaching on the job. If there is anything you are struggling with, you can approach someone who has more experience within the business and learn from them to improve your technique. It is a competitive environment to work in but people still are willing to help and the competition drives me to do better.

When dealing with customers, you are given the flexibility to use your own skillset.

There is a hierarchy within management as in any organisation, but you are treated with respect regardless of the position you are in. When you do well, the Managers acknowledge it but you can always ask them for support when you aren’t doing so well.

What benefits do you get?

Although we have to be available 7 days a week due to the opening hours, we are looked after. We get 2 days a week off and 1 weekend off every month. The holiday is generous and you get your own company car!

There is also an opportunity to learn a lot and an opportunity for career progression. When a vacancy opens up you are free to apply and job vacancies are normally open internally first. Imperial are very keen to promote people within the company.  

In terms of commission, this is uncapped meaning I can earn as much as I physically want to. You also get a free mot every year, reduced labour costs and a pension scheme.

What advice do you have for people who would like to do this role?

To be a Sales Executive, you need a positive attitude and need to be tenacious. The ability to be confident when speaking to all types of people will greatly benefit you and being a personable person really helps as people buy from people!

Are you interested in being a Car Sales Executive and working for a fast growing company? To see our current vacancies, click here.

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