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Introducing Self-Service Checkout… for cars

Introducing Self-Service Checkout… for cars



We are extremely proud to introduce the world’s first self-service checkout for cars prototype!

Just like in your local supermarket, our customers can now process their new automotive purchase at a convenient self-service checkout, located within the showroom. Unsupervised and built specifically for quick and convenient payment, customers simply drive up to the pay-point, enter a few personal details and pay in one speedy step.

Currently in the trialling stage, the prototype means that in the same way that you pay for your eggs and milk at the supermarket, you can now enjoy the same convenience when buying a car up to £50,000.

Christened The Fast Lane, the technology aims to not only speed up the buying process, but to also normalise the whole experience of buying a car by mirroring that of the ‘weekly big shop’.

How The Fast Lane it works:

Pick your new car 

Once you’ve picked your new car from the hundreds on offer in our showroom, and filled in the necessary legal forms with one of our sales staff, you’re ready to drive into our Fast Lane

Drive to The Fast Lane

Type in your personal details

Easily accessible from the driver’s seat, you just need to type in your personal details into The Fast Lane screen to start checking out.

Scanning your car

The checkout works by scanning a unique code, located on the underneath of the car, which then prompts the customer to pay by card. This unique code and scanner system will ensure that there will be no repeat of the dreaded “unexpected item in bagging area” problems that are common in supermarket self-service lines.  



Unfortunately, the self-service checkout option is only open to cash buyers up to £50,000 currently, and not those paying by a finance option.

 …now just drive away

Further Information

* Currently The Fast Lane is available to cash customers only, not those paying by finance agreement

**The self-service checkout prototype was trialled at Imperial Cars’ Northampton showroom

*** To use The Fast Lane customers must purchase a five-day Drive Away insurance policy for £16

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