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Road tax is one of the many important factors to consider when buying a car and working out future running costs. The current road tax system means that cars in Band A with C02 emissions of under 100g/km pay zero road tax. It’s not just superminis and electric cars that fall into this category, a number of larger cars, SUV’s and estates also cost zero to tax.

However, road tax is set to change for newly registered cars from April this year. Still based upon CO2 emissions, the new system involves a stricter banded payment for the first year (between £0 and £2000) followed by a flat rate of £140 thereon unless you are driving something with zero emissions such as an electric car. In addition, any new cars with a purchase price of above £40000 incur an additional £310 per year charge for the first five years.

Depending on what kind of car you purchase these figures could have a big effect on the running cost of your car. For example a car with low emissions of 99g/km registered before April 2017 benefits from zero tax for the lifetime of the vehicle. However a vehicle with the same emissions registered after April 2017 will now cost £100 for the first year and then £140 per year thereon.

Taking into account these changes, purchasing a used low emissions car this year as opposed to buying new could save you hundreds of pounds of car running costs. Not only that but with a fully RAC checked and professionally valeted used car from Imperial Cars, you can purchase a vehicle which looks and feels like new but at a much lower cost.

Imperial Cars have a variety of used cars for sale which fall into Road tax band A so pay £0 tax including the Audi A3, BMW 1 series, Ford Focus and Nissan Qashqai.

Browse 100’s of Road Tax Free Used Cars for Sale at Imperial Cars

When you browse cars for sale on the Imperial Cars website you can clearly see the tax band and cost to tax for each vehicle displayed in the bullet point list on the right hand side of the car image, along with the fuel consumption, making it simple to compare and contrast running costs for a number of vehicles.

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