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Total Vehicle Protection with Gardx at Imperial Car Supermarkets

Imperial Car Supermarkets now offer Gardx Protection Systems as an optional extra to all of our customers. This amazing car protection system protects the paintwork, interior and can even enhance windscreen visibility.

Buying a car is one of the biggest investments you will make, so it really is worth retaining and enjoying its showroom good looks, whilst protecting the vehicle’s future resale value. This is where Gardx comes in.

Protect Your Car’s Paintwork

Due to government legislation, all cars are now painted with waterbased paints. This is constantly under attack from road dirt and traffic film, salt, detergents, tree sap, acid rain and the heat of the sun. Gardx Armourgard, a protective transparent coating, gives a high gloss showroom finish, which has extraordinary protective powers. Why not watch the short video below now and see the Gardx Protection system in action - even when faced with flames!

Protect Your Car’s Interior

Gardx also protects your car’s interior. Saving your seats from spills and everyday accidents. The Gardx Stainguard system keeps fabrics cleaner, whilst Gardx Leatherguard keeps Leather soft, supple and clean.

Gardx Tyreguard for temporary Puncture repairs

As part of the Gardx professional system, you will receive Tyreguard a safe, simple and quick way of temporarily fixing punctures at the roadside. Getting you back on the road again without having to remove the wheel.

Gardx Glassguard

Gardx Glass protection offers greater visibility especially during rainy weather. As you’ll have seen in the video above, Gardz Glassguard  has been proven to improve visibility by up to 34%, making driver reaction times faster and so improving driver safety.

It really is worth considering these revolutionary surface protection systems when you buy your next car. Why not ask us for more details today? Call 02381 891 288 to talk to one of our knowledgeable advisors now.  

Or find your next car online now at Imperial Car Supermarkets by clicking here. We sell top quality RAC checked cars to customers right across the UK.


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