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Imperial Car Supermarkets on Trade Plates TV

Imperial Car Supermarkets were pleased to be interviewed by Rebecca Chaplin for episode 12 of Trade Plates TV recently. Operations Director Neil Smith and Training and Recruitment Manager Brendan Mcmanus covered topics as far ranging as Imperial Car Supermarkets cutting edge customer focussed sales practises to our Sales Team Recruitment and the specialised training we offer. Combating fake reviews and the protection of the Imperial Car Supermarkets reputation and branding were also discussed, along with updates on the continued investment and development of our website; where up to 90% of our customers make first contact with us ahead buying their next car.

Imperial Car Supermarkets Customers Can Make Buying Decisions at Home

Imperial Car Supermarkets now have 6 used car showrooms and 3 service centres across the UK. Neil Smith highlighted the fact that our website “surfaces every bit of information” about the cars we have for sale, giving as much information as possible on the website. Each car is shown with it’s independent RAC report, MOT and Service History, Registration Documents and lots of detailed photos and videos inside and out. “We want the customer to be making buying decisions in the comfort of their own home”. Being fully informed on the car they wish to purchase means that customers can come to an Imperial Cars Showroom knowing everything they need to know about a car up front...Neil says: “really all that remains is to test drive the car and make sure it’s right…” As a result Imperial Car Supermarkets have seen a higher number of serious customers coming into our showrooms ready to buy their car from us.

We continue to invest heavily in our website to give customers all the detailed information they need about each individual car we have for sale. Many customers are now using our Click, Call, Collect service where a guaranteed part exchange value is given over the phone, as well as pre-approved car finance. This means people can bypass the traditional car sales route, and come directly to vehicle handover. After a test drive to establish that the car is as they expected, customers can sign up and drive away  Neil states that: “We are ultimately looking to a point where people buy from us online, indeed we already have customers who ask if we can deliver a car” that they have chosen on the website.

Combatting Online Fraud and Fake Reviews

With the continued success of Imperial Car Supermarkets, we have sadly suffered from fake reviews being posted by competitors, and even found out a bogus website had been set up several years ago using some of our images to scam people. We immediately took legal steps to address these issues so that the fraudulent website was taken down, and we successfully got many of the libellous anonymous reviews removed from the internet.

Since then we have strengthened our links to independent car review websites such as JudgeService, and encourage customers to give feedback on their car buying experience using this, FeeFo and Google. By asking as many customers as possible to give us a review we are delighted to have achieved an honest 4* star rating across all of these platforms.

The Very Best Salespeople at Imperial Car Supermarkets

Recruitment and Training is exceptionally important at Imperial Cars. We have a professional staff team who build upon the excellent website experience our customers have. On entering one of our car showrooms we want people to experience a relaxed, straightforward and friendly car buying transaction. As such, we are always looking for great sales people. Brendan McManus told Trade Plates TV that his top training tips was for the sales team to “Be Genuine, Listen and be Helpful.” It’s a truism that, “People buy from People.” Here at Imperial Car Supermarkets we know that building a positive rapport is vital to our continued success.

Interestingly many of our sales team are from non-car sales backgrounds. Brendan says: “we look for people who can relate to others, converse well and have a good retail sense”. We know that career progression is important for our team and actively promote from within wherever we can, for instance our sales managers all started as sales executives with Imperial Cars. The sales team are also properly rewarded when they receive great customer reviews - an innovation which promotes great service for all of our customers.

Continual Improvement of the Car Buying Experience at Imperial Car Supermarkets

Recently we have improved the car buying experience in the showroom, it is now more relaxed and customers move through the sales process far quicker, especially those using our Click, Call, Collect service. Our next move forwards will be the introduction of tablets for all of our sales team. This will enable them to quickly react to a customer’s needs and be fully cognisant of all of the details and features of of the cars a customer is interested in. This will allow our sales team to be even more helpful, enabling our customers to more easily make their purchase from us.

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