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How to beat the Rogue Trader when buying a used car?

So, I have just read a news article about a rogue trader in Nottinghamshire who has earned himself a 3 year jail sentence for clocking cars! This individual made over £130,000 after winding back over six million miles on used cars he had for sale and has been ordered to repay a sum of £390,000.

It’s these individuals that give the Motor Trade as a whole a bad reputation. So as our way of helping you, the consumer, on what to look for here is what we suggest you should do when looking to purchase a new car.

At Imperial we like to think we offer a transparent service by providing you with all the documentation with the car. We also ensure all our cars are HPi clear, if they’re not, we won’t sell them!

There are two ways you can check the vehicles history and mileage.

First of all we would suggest that you ask to see the HPi certificate or HPi the car yourself. You can HPi your car for as little as £19.99 which is a small price to pay for peace of mind.


Second, you can check the mileage, advisories and failures on the Vehicle & Operator Service Agency site (VOSA)

Between the two you will be able to check the mileage, owners, whether the vehicle has had a crash and repaired insurance claim against it, outstanding finance or has been stolen and recovered.

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