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Imperial Car Supermarkets on Trade Plate TV

Imperial Car Supermarkets are delighted to have been invited to feature in the very first Trade Plates TV show brought to you by the creators of Car Dealer Magazine. Neil Smith, Operations Director at Imperial Car Supermarkets took part in the programme along with Alexis Cassey of Prestige Diesel of Portsmouth and Andy Entwhistle of Car Dealer Magazine.

During the show Neil Smith discusses the continued and growing success of the Imperial Supermarkets brand, mentioning that March 2016 is set to be a record month for used car sales for the company.  He talks about how Imperial Cars has opened a new branch every year for the past 3 years, and that we are now focussing our efforts on long distance as well as well as local sales which is possible due to the huge investment we’ve put into our award winning website.

Faster Car Buying Process at Imperial Car Supermarkets

As a company we are researching and continually developing our online sales to enable the customer to spend less time on site, Neil says:

“For us we try to deliver the same day, so the customer comes in for a test drive, negotiates a deal and drives away.... What we are trying to do is to move a lot of the work [of buying a car] to the front end via online and phone, so that when a customer comes in they almost bypass the traditional sales process and go straight into the test drive, hand over and delivery. Thereby making a much better experience for the customer and accelerating those customers through our process.”

Neil goes on to highlight that due to the amount of clear information available to used car buyers on the Imperial Car Supermarkets website, customers are now finding everything they need to know about the car they want to buy online, ahead of coming in to one of our showrooms in Southampton, Northampton, Swanwick, Portsmouth, Chertsey or Fleet. Thanks to the website, he says:

“We are seeing an increase in those customers now coming into the business who have not had prior contact with us, but know what they want. They are either ‘on’ the particular car or they know what type of car they want.”

In the past few months Imperial Car Supermarkets have responded to customers increased confidence to buy from us by changing our whole process of selling cars. With so many of our customers having researched the car they are interested in on our website, we have now moved to a more consultative role, enabling people to get straight to the car they are interested in, so that they can test drive it and buy on the same day. Neil highlights this on the Trade Plates show by saying:

“Thanks to our informative website, our customers are very knowledgeable, they understand what they are looking for and so we facilitate that.”

At Imperial Car Supermarkets our website is prime, we are seeking to meet the needs of used car buyers both locally and nationally, so we have invested massively in the site to give users all the information they need about the cars we have for sale. Customers can now explore a car via interior and exterior spins, with the doors open and closed, view up to 40 images, plus we also publish the car documentation such as service history, V5 document and the HPI check. These are alongside the RAC report. 

Imperial Car Supermarkets Specialise in selling High Spec Used Cars

Many of cars in our showrooms can have up to 6-8k worth of factory fitted extras on them, making them an incredible buy! We specialise in 2-3 year old vehicles from renowned makers such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen and Jaguar. On the show Neil says:

“It’s about visually giving the information [a customer] needs to know on the website, which is the history of that vehicle, and then their being confident that our price is right in the marketplace...and being confident in the product and the way we prepare it so that customers will make the decision to come to us.”

Why not put us to the test and look for your next car on the Imperial Car Supermarkets website now?

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