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The smart way to Finance your car with Imperial Car Supermarkets

Imperial Car Supermarkets, registered with the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority), can offer you a financial package to enable you to purchase your ideal car. We believe it’s the smart way to buy a car - we offer quicker approval than a bank and flexible terms over 12 to 60 months. Our car finance package can be tailored to your individual circumstances, and as long as you have all your paperwork to hand (passport, both parts of your driving license, utility bill and payslip) you can even drive your car away the same day!

Using our used car finance you also gain peace of mind due to the consumer credit act protection, which relates to the quality of the product you are purchasing. Further benefits afforded by organising your finance through us are:

· Car Finance is a secure loan against your vehicle leaving a line of credit open with your bank

· Leaves your hard earned savings untouched for a rainy day

· It’s a tri-party agreement (which adheres to all the requirements of the Consumer Credit Directive) with yourself, Imperial Cars and the finance company who will provide you with support and protection should you experience any issues with the vehicle

· Instant decision while you’re in the showroom allowing for same day drive-away

· Flexible payments/terms available including HP & PCP

· Fixed monthly repayments for the duration of the agreement

· Early settlement options

Why not tie your finance package and warranty deal in together? Get in touch with Imperial Car Supermarkets today to find out how we can help you finance your next car.

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