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Tips to keep you and your car driving safely this winter

Right now the Imperial Car Supermarkets Car Servicing Centre in Millbrook, Southampton is offering a free Winter Car Health Check - why not find out more here? You can even book your car in to our brand new car-servicing centre online saving you both time and money!

With the forecast for Winter 2014 including plenty of snow, here’s the Imperial Car Supermarket’s top tips for driving in cold weather.

Keep yourself warm, all of these could be life savers if you get stuck in a Winter traffic jam

  • Wear (or take) a thick coat, scarf, gloves and a hat
  • Ladies, you might consider popping a jumper & trousers in the boot – imagine being at a stand still for hours wearing a dress!
  • Sensible shoes or boots – handy if you have to get out and walk
  • A warm blanket

Don’t forget your phone!

  • Take your mobile phone on every journey – make sure it is charged - an in-car charger would be a good investment.

Essentials to store in your Car

  • A spade
  • A piece of carpet or cat litter could get you out of snow, put it as close to the tyres as possible to create some grip
  • A jerry can of fuel
  • Adult high visibility vest - sounds extreme but keeps you safe!
  • A torch
  • Keep some food in the car for emergencies. Chocolate and crisps are handy as they are high in calories and can be stored for long periods.
  • Bottled water is essential

Last but definitely not least Prepare Your Car for Winter

  • Top up the anti-freeze, ensure it is mixed to the right concentration to prevent serious damage to your engine
  • Keep your screen wash filled
  • Covering your windscreen overnight can prevent lots of ice scraping in the morning
  • Squirt a little WD40 into your door locks to stop them from freezing up
  • Keep your petrol tank topped up
  • Find out about Imperial Car Supermarkets Free Winter Car Health Check!

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