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Dermot O'Leary and The Stig are set to make a programme about relationships for the BBC!

Some say he drives with his eyes closed, he’s terrified of ducks and that he thinks Castrol GTX is coffee! But we’ve never heard of the masked man in white being described as a relationship advice guru! Come to think of it, we haven’t heard of the dancing X-Factor presenter being described as a relationship expert either!

But behold... The duo is teaming up to put couples to the ultimate test! Testing the limits of relationships when put in a car together and faced with driving challenges in a bid to win a cash prize in a programme called The Getaway Car.

Like most people, I think I’m an excellent driver (and I won’t be told otherwise) and the thought of my partner barking orders at me from the passenger seat doesn’t thrill me much! I’m sure I’m not alone here, so just imagine the reactions we are going to be seeing. Testing driving conditions bring out the worst in us… I for one can’t wait to see the couple’s reactions!

The news of the 12-episode show that will be aired on primetime TV, BBC1 next year on Saturday nights has come just weeks after Jeremy Clarkson unveiled a deal to return to TV with Amazon. We’re a little sad to hear that the Top Gear hosts have forgotten to take The Stig with them, but we also can’t wait for the new show.

Source: The Guardian

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