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The Imperial Car Supermarkets Car Sales Jargon Buster

At Imperial Car Supermarkets, we work hard to ensure that our cars are competitively priced. When you see a car for sale on our website, you can rest assured that it's the best quality example of that car, at that age, with that mileage, anywhere!

When buying a used car it's important to give it a good look over, after all, how can you be sure that the website description is accurate? With Imperial Car Supermarkets, you can browse at the service history of a car and have a 360 degree look inside and out without even coming to the showroom - but not all second hand cars are the same.

We've put together a jargon buster to help you understand why we go to the effort of putting so much detail into our second hand cars.

Never Raced or Rallied

Always be wary of an advertiser that feels the need to say this one!

Low Mileage For Age

Modern diesel engines are capable of covering huge mileages, but always make sure your used car has a good service history with it. At Imperial Car Supermarkets you can browse a cars history right here on the website.

Some Service History

A classic salesperson’s line meaning 'this car has virtually no documents'. Avoid anything that doesn't have a proper service history! Take a look at one of our cars to see what a proper history file should look like.

One Careful Owner

It could well have been a careful owner, but if the previous owner was The Stig, then you know the car has been driven to the limit!

Rust Free Example

Rust is a car owner’s worst nightmare. The cars that we sell are not old enough to have issues with rust, and any car that does have slight imperfections will be rectified within our  preparation process before it goes on sale!

Very Little Use

Sometimes a low mileage car is worse than a high mileage car...! Has it been sat for ages? Will parts of it be seized and stuck?

The Usual Age Related Marks

At Imperial Car Supermarkets, we don't do age related marks. All of our cars are given a thorough inspection before they go on the forecourt.

If you’re looking for a used car near Northampton, Southampton, Fleet or Portsmouth and want to know exactly what you’re buying, then pop along to meet our team. We’ll be happy to show you the perfect used car – in every little detail.

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