Worlds Ultimate Strongest Team Championship 2015

This weekend Imperial sponsored Rob Frampton will be competing at the Britannia Stadium with his team mate for the weekend Sean O’Hagen as the Pirates.

Although the teams will be battling it out over the traditional events they’ve taken a novel twist… Think double!

- Two man deadlift
- Two man log lift
- Conan’s wheel
- Atlas Stones

- And the new event on the line up – Two-on-two wrestling!

This will make for a show of epic proportions! Giants from around the world are flying in as I type ready for the weekends actions.

The comradery online has been great, Luke Stoltman, Scotland’s Strongest Man has been challenging the Icelandic giant and Game Of Throwns star Hafthor Bjornson to the Husafell Stone – A highland classic!

“Ready to break this world record.

Big Eddie and Thor are monsters but the Oaks branches are mighty.

Thor may be the mountain but after his record he will be known as the fountain with all those tears flowing!”

Whilst Eddie Hall replies with the statement that he’s been training with one under each arm.

We’re eagerly waiting for more videos and updates to appear!

If you are a lover and follower of strongman this is a once and a lifetime chance to catch them all on UK soil. Tickets are just £20 per adult and £10 per child and can be purchased from the stadium on the day.

There is also family fun and entertainment on the day with crowd participating events.

So what are you waiting for sports fans?

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