Throwback Thursday - Mazda MX 5

1989 is where the legend began. The tiny two-seater roadster was designed to deliver the thrills of driving at an affordable price. Mazda achieved just that, forward 25 years and it’s the best-selling small roadster of all time racking up over a million sales.

 The original dinky MX 5 is still a head turner today. Heavily inspired by the sixties Lotus Elan, the MX 5’s clean lines, uncluttered, no nonsense retro styling has served it well. Coupled with low slung driving position, near perfect weight distribution, rear wheel drive layout and that snappy 1.8 litre engine with its characterful soundtrack, Mazda certainly delivered the smiles. 


The early models were fitted with a 114bhp 1.6 litre engine which to be honest… Lacked a bit of power. It was later replaced by the more evocative 1.8-litre engine which added an extra 16bhp. Although that may not sound like much in a 990kg car with a sharp throttle response it makes for a much livelier car!

So fast forward 25 years and let’s have a look at the 2015 Mazda MX 5 due to hit the roads very soon!

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