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Buy Nearly New Used Cars Southampton & Northampton

When it comes to buying a quality used car, it really does make sense to buy from Imperial Car Supermarkets. At our Southampton, Northampton, Portsmouth and Fleet showrooms we sell many ‘nearly new’ cars. All under 18 months of being on the road; these cars offer completely amazing value. Every car at Imperial car Supermarkets is thoroughly checked over by the RAC, and all can be viewed with their documents on our website and in branch. 

To find our range of ‘Nearly New’ cars simply search ‘all makes’ and select ‘up to 18 months old’ or click here. 

You can also search by ‘make’ and select ‘up to 18months old’, for example here is a link to the ‘nearly new’ BMWs we currently have on offer.  Why buy new when you can buy a quality, checked ‘nearly new’ vehicle from Imperial Car Supermarkets?  You too can save money when upgrading to your next car, you can also invest in a great finance deal from us if you need to. 

Want to part ex your existing vehicle for a 'nearly new' car? No problem – find out how here. 

Check out Imperial Car Supermarket's 'nearly new' cars on our website today.



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