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5 Fantastic Reasons to buy your next car at Imperial Car Supermarkets

Buying a used car can be a daunting experience. A car is a big investment, and it’s one you want to get right first time. But how do you know that the car you’ve found does exactly what it says on the tin?

Have you ever viewed a car where 'one lady owner' actually means 'wannabe Louis Hamilton in a wig'?

Or perhaps the advert said 'usual age related marks and car park dings' when it really meant 'all of the paint has fallen off'?

At Imperial Car Supermarkets we want the car buying process to be as easy and transparent as possible. We don’t do secrets, so here’s 5 fantastic reasons to buy your next car from us:

1. We don't do 'car park dings' or 'age related marks'.

Every single vehicle we sell is meticulously inspected and expertly prepared. That's right, every single one. Each vehicle has a full RAC Inspection, so you can be sure that the car you're buying won't fall apart as soon as you drive it home. In fact, it's quite the opposite. We put a lot of time and attention into ensuring all our vehicles are of the highest possible standard, no matter what the model.

When a vehicle arrives on site, our technicians document any imperfections and note if there's any work that may need doing. The car is then put through an independent RAC inspection to ensure that it's mechanically sound. At this stage, anything the technicians have found will be resolved in-house by our team of experts.

Once we are satisfied that the car has met our strict quality control parameters, it moves over to the clipboard zone..

2. You can know everything there is to know about the car - before you arrive

At this stage, a team of people armed with clipboards will pore over the car to ensure we know every thing about it. We take our time to fully understand what the car is, and what it’s got.

That doesn't mean we take one look at it and say 'Yup, that's a Scirocco, pop it on the website already'. No, we do our research.

Has it got a sunroof? Was that standard or is it a cost option? How about the paint, is it metallic? What did that cost? Does it have Bluetooth? Parking sensors? Air conditioning? Heated seats? Has it got sat nav? Do the rear seats split fold? What about the tailgate?

All of this information is then ready to be uploaded to our website for your viewing pleasure. This means you can see the exact specification of the car, and see what the optional extras cost to add to the car when it was new.

Once the inventory team have put away their clipboards, the car is given the clean of it's life and a full valet before being passed to our photographers for the next step.

3. You can inspect the car in detail without - leaving your house

Our site is equipped with a 360 degree rotating turntable, meaning you can have a walk around the car and inspect it in great detail from the comfort of your own home! Not only that, but all of the vehicle's documents are available to view online, so if you want to study the service history like it’s a Shakespeare play, then you’re welcome to.

4. You can part-exchange your old vehicle with no hassle

When you visit any Imperial Car Supermarket, we take the time to look at your car so we can agree a part exchange valuation that's accurate. There's no limit to what we can take in part exchange, and it's not just for trading up.... Often customers are looking to move to a smaller and cheaper car, so it’s no problem if you’d like to change your Gallardo for a Golf.

5. You can have peace of mind direct from the forecourt

We want you to be completely happy with your new car, so we offer a range of warranty options for your peace of mind. Not looking for a long-term warranty solution? No problem - all our cars come with 3 months warranty as standard.


So there you have it, 5 fantastic reasons to buy your next car from Imperial Car Supermarkets.


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