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New Paperless Tax Disc from October 2014

As of 1st October this year, the government are changing the rules on vehicle road tax. As a cost cutting exercise the paper tax disc will no longer be in existence. The payment of car tax will be completely digital, and so a paper disc will no longer need to be displayed in the car windscreen. Additionally, people will have the option to pay for their car tax monthly, quarterly, annually or bi-annually.

A recent AA Populus survey of over 17,000 people last month found that 70% were worried that they may drive a friend’s, relative’s, rental or recently-bought used car unaware that the vehicle is untaxed and therefore illegal to drive on the road. With around 47% of AA members thinking that not having a disc will make it more likely that they will forget to renew their car tax.

One of the key differences with the new digital car tax system is that you cannot transfer car tax between car owners. If you sell your car with car tax still to run on it, the new owner will have to tax the car again in their name. Paul Watters, head of AA public affairs, told the Mirror newspaper:

”Millions of motorists are familiar with the tax disc and having months to run it can sometimes be a deal maker or breaker for someone looking to buy or sell a car….

“The haggling over the remaining car tax will be missed by many, especially older generations who have grown up with it..”

The government says the end of the road for the car labelled “For sale, taxed” is meant to protect buyers who may be misled about a vehicle’s tax status. Instead, the tax disc will be cancelled and the seller will apply for a refund from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency for the remaining tax, with the buyer then re-taxing the vehicle.

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