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Imperial Car Supermarkets Action Day

Imperial Car Supermarkets Action Day!

Monday the 15th of September the top performers were treated to an action filled incentive day. We met at Imperial HQ in Southampton where 12 lucky staff were kept in suspense as to what the day would entail! So we jumped in the cars and were chauffeured up the A34 and then turned on to the A303 where we pulled into a Little Chef for breakfast and we still had no idea where we were heading! 

But it wasn't long until Director Mike Bell crumbled and told us we were off to Thruxton for the morning for Go-karting! Here is where it all got a bit competitive, none of us like to lose, we all think we can drive and some were more persistent on winning than others mentioning any names *Coughs Mike Bell*. Mike was right at the front of the pack chasing the top 3 of the day, Bradley, Andy and Paul. Sadly Mike just missed out on a podium position. 

From there it was back in the cars and off to our next destination... Which was still unknown. 

As we made our way down the country lanes of Hook, passed through some grand gates and up the drive to the gorgeously prestige Four Seasons Hotel and we all got excited! After being treated to a round of cocktails we found out that our next event for the day was clay pigeon shooting. There was a few who had been shooting before and an ex games keeper who we all wanted to beat. I personally had never shot a gun before and was slightly anxious, but it turns out I'm actually rather good! Watch out boys ;-) 

To finish the day off nicely we went to an award winning Indian restaurant for a slap up curry! 

Well done to everyone who took part and a special thanks to Mike for choosing us and making it such a fantastic day. 



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